MPHS Class of '04 20th Reunion Collection

Class of 2004 shidddddddddd we here now!

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since we walked those hallowed halls together. As we prepare to reunite in Punta Cana in June, during the class reunion weekend in August, and celebrate this significant milestone, I invite you to browse our exclusive class reunion apparel collection. Designed with creativity and passion, each piece celebrates our shared journey and the incredible individuals we've become.  I mean our class is out here getting it!

I'm proud to be a black-owned business, Morgan Park Alum, Class of '04 and looking forward to us showcasing our rich '04 culture and unique identity through these designs. Let's come together, reminisce, and make new memories while looking good and exclusive doing it. Here's to two decades of friendship, growth, and accomplishments. Welcome to our 20-year class reunion apparel page!  This is for us.